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Hamlet essays Hamlet, the classic play written by William Shakespeare, tells the story of a prince whose throne is taken from him by the same uncle who he learns has murdered his father and then married his mother. These events throw the prince into thoughts of suicide, revenge, and Two essays on climate change and agriculture comparison purpose of his own life; ideas that can best be examined through the four soliloquies given buy essay online cheap i want to know Hamlet. These four soliloquies not only give the audience a window into Hamlet’s troubled mind, but also reflect the significant themes of justice and revenge and destiny and the purpose of life. The first soliloquy is at the beginning of the play, where Hamlet describes his disgust with his mother for marrying her husbands’ brother. He makes this speech after his “parents” ask him why he is depressed, help me do my essay allen ginsberg and american protest literature they both think it is time that Hamlet stops mourning his fathers’ death. Hamlet views the marriage of his mother to his uncle as incestuous, and he feels like his mother has betrayed his father for marrying so soon after his death. He views her as a weak, sinful woman whose tears of mourning her late husband had hardly dried before her tears of marriage bliss had flown. A very compelling line is spoken in line 146, one that summarizes Hamlet’s view of women in general, especially his mother, “Frailty, thy name is woman.” Although Hamlet’s opinion of his mother and his uncle’s relationship is unclean and incestuous, he takes no action at all against it, he never tells his mother or uncle that he does not approve of their marriage. In fact, the last line of the soliloquy, line 158 says “But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue.” Hamlet has no intention what so ever to explain to them that their marriage is disgusting to him, instead he acts depressed and they begin Two essays on climate change and agriculture comparison think he has gone mad. The second soliloquy takes place after Hamlet speaks to his fathers’ ghost, who explains to him that Claudius, his uncle, has in fact murdered.

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