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Natives essays Natives The First Native Americans were called the Paleo- Indians; they first arrived in eastern North America between 30,000 and 10,000 B.C. The Paleo- Indians because nomadic hunters, searching for food. Years later during the Archaic Period (8,000B.C.) the Paleo- Essay Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani began to developed permanent lifestyles and Essay Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani hunting shorter distances for food. Soon Europeans started to migrate into the natives land, with them they brought deadly diseases that resulted in the death of the very young and Pay someone to write my papers old. Therefore all the responsibilities that both the very young and very old were beginning to slowly end. The most important essay on leadership and teamwork articles for employees that was being forgotten about was the stories that the old told the young; slowly the history of natives would be unknown. The Increase of European immigration of the 17th century upset the Help me do my essay the importance of trust American communities, as the Europeans brought new ideas of land ownership. A man by the name of William Penn (proprietor of Delaware), one of the few Europeans, insisted that people should tread the Native Americans fairly and instead of stealing the land the Europeans should buy it. However the expansion of the Europeans forced many natives in Delaware to move to the west and northern regions of North America. This has to do with group rights in the charter. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms does recognize the Natives as a group. Essay Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani though the federal government did everything in its power to make sure that Natives didn’t get what they wanted. The federal government said that nothing would take away or assault what they already had. But the federal government was taking way something; they recognized them as a group. .

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