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The first part last essays The First Part Last By Angela Johnson Bobby was a typical teenager. He always had fun with his friends. He was reckless and lived his life on the edge. He lived in New York City with his mom. His parents are divorced. He still talks to his dad once in a while. His whole family are loving and caring including his older brother. They have always been there for him, no matter what happened. His life was great until his girl friend Nia told him the worst news he had ever heard. It was Bobby’s 16th birthday and his friends and him cut school so they can hang out. They went to Mineos and got some pizza then watched a movie. After he left his friends he went to his dad to eat his favorite meal. His dad owns a restaurant. After he finished talking to his cheap write my essay bric analysis he started walking back to his mom’s house. He was happy because he knew their was gone be a big cake waiting for him at his mom’s house. As soon as he got to his house he saw Nia sitting on the steps with a balloon. Nia whispered to him“Bobby I have got something to tell you” in a sad voice. That’s when he found out he (discuss costumes from Egypt or Byzantines Era) essay helper online going to be a father. Publishers Weekly said “The only misstep is a chapter from Nia's point of view, which takes readers out of Bobby's capable hands.” I do not agree with Publisher Weekly, I Think this chapter made the book more interesting to read. Jane Harrington from children’s literature said “The language is teen-friendly—filled with images of the city—and sparse enough to make it a fast read for busy middle and high school students.” I agree with Mrs. Harrington, the book was very easy to read and it was very realistic. Bobby was a real teenager. He did most of the things that teenagers would do. He liked to have fun and play around like a normal teenager would. After he heard that he was going to be a father his life went upside down. Nothing made sense to him anymore. He didn’t know what to do. Even though his parents wer.

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