Buy essay online cheap the effects of aids and hiv in the world

Saturday, October 21, 2017 5:59:17 AM

Air bags in relation to physics essays Every buy essay online cheap the effects of aids and hiv in the world you drive your car you are being protected by an invention know to man as the air bag. The air bag was an option put into cars in nineteen seventy-five, and in nineteen ninety-four it was standard among cars. Air bags work with the use of sensors at different positions on the car. Theses sensors can tell when a car decelerates, and if buy essay online cheap the effects of aids and hiv in the world impact should a cur the sensors can tell if driver is in danger, and if it should deploy the air bags. The air bags are only set to deploy when they exceed the minimum stopping speed of the vehicle. Look at Newton’s first law “an object’s velocity will never change unless acted upon by mapayapang asean essay writing external, unbalanced (net) force”. Air bags act as that external, unbalanced (net) force. Example, if you are driving eighty miles per hour, your body is travelling eighty miles per hour. If you were to stop you would continue to travel eighty miles per hour, if you are unrestrained. The only thing stopping you from flying out the window is your seat belt. The same applies for car accidents. You are going from eighty miles per hour to a sudden stop in one second or less. Air bags help stop your eighty-mile per hour self by inflating and cushioning your head before it hits the steering wheel. Newton’s third states that “for every action force, there is an opposite re-action force”. This can also apply to air mapayapang asean essay writing. When your car hits another object, your car pushes on that object, but also that object pushes back onto yourself. This delays the time it takes your car to come to a complete stop, which allows for more time with deploying the air bag as well as the speed you hit the air bag.

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