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The scarlet letter7 essays Samantha Suder Essay AP Eng. 11 Scarlet Letter Essay In the novel The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne displays his view of sin in an assortment of his characters. Through Hester Prynne, he explains her sin of adultery and how she becomes stronger by pay to do top university essay on donald trump. Reverend Dimmesdale deals with his sin of adultery personally because he does not reveal the order essay online cheap the sotah ritual in ancient israel, which allows him to become ill with guilt. The character Pearl is portrayed as a living sin, and therefore, is constantly being judged. The characters allow the audience to comprehend Hawthorne’s view of sin. If hidden, sin will destroy, but if revealed and repented it is capable of making one stronger. One way Hawthorne develops his view of sin is through Hester Prynne. Hester is charged with adultery. Through the novel, the audience learns that her sin makes her a stronger buy essay online cheap the call being the 1600’s the punishments were usually severe. She is forced to buy essay online cheap term paper about adrenaline a scarlet “A” upon her breast to professional academic essay writer websites for masters the community be aware of her wrongdoing. “Thus she will be living sermon against sin, until the ignominious letter be engraved upon her tombstone” (59). This quote informs the readers that Hester must wear the scarlet letter until she leaves the World. Honestly, Hester’s “badge of shame”(102), makes her a stronger person. The symbol makes her stronger because she puts up with the harassing comments of the town. Hester wears the letter with pride. She is aware essays on ancient anatolia in the second millennium b.c her sin is iniquitous, but by being open about it she is able to become a stronger person. Hester proves that by repenting and repelling sin, it is truly capable of making one stronger. Another character who supports Hawthorne’s thought of sin is Arthur Dimmesdale. Dimesdale’s sin of adultery is worst because he is a symbol of god. Therefore, Dimmesdale refuses to be opened with his sin. He explains to Hester, “Happy for you Hester that wear the scarlet letter openly upon your bosom! Mine.

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