Ten ways to recession-proof your training essay

Saturday, October 28, 2017 12:51:51 AM

Alice and wonderland essays lters the way the user perceives the world around them. LSD alters your “sense of direction, distance, and time (KidsHealth).” In the 1960’s, many rock groups began using LSD and other drugs. Various songs would reflect experiences band members had undergone while using narcotics. It is commonly speculated that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is just this type of song. Many of the lines from the Beatles' song could be related to the sensations of an acid trip. The ten ways to recession-proof your training essay skies," "cellophane flowers," and "rocking horse people" buy essay online cheap bibl 350 in the song could represent the type of images a person might see under the influence of LSD. The world Lennon portrays with his lyrics is abstract, psychedelic, and dream like, very much akin to what a person would see on an acid trip or while watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Various people have noted that the first letter in each of the key title words: Lucy, Sky, and Diamonds, spell out LSD. John Lennon claims buy essay online cheap bibl 350 the connection is merely coincidental and that he had no intention of incorporating LSD into the song in any way. Lennon told reporters in a 1980 interview, "it was purely unconscious that it came out to be LSD, it's not an acid song" (Ultimate). Despite Lennon's pleas of innocence, it was a well-known fact at the time that the Beatles were experimenting with LSD and that Lennon was exploring Alice in Wonderland not only through the film, but the text as well. Many fans, parents, and critics saw this song as John Lennon's praise of the drug. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," though inspired by John's 4-year-old son Julian's multicolored drawing of a classmate, was said by McCartney to have a "Wonderland" su.

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