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Sunday, October 15, 2017 3:24:32 AM

City versus country essays For years people have argued over whether the best place to live is in the country or in the city. I believe the answer to this dispute lies in the people that inhabit each of these communities and their differences buy essay online cheap travel journal time spent at work, familiarity with neighbors, and control of their environment. Bubba Brown, the dawn ‘til dusk, hard working, country boy who knows all of his neighbors, knows he cannot control his environment. Thomas Goldberg, the nine to five, office worker, knows not even the family living in the apartment next to his, and is used to having control over his environment. The main difference between these two men is the time they put in at work. Thomas is paid a salary, which he gets for working a certain amount of time each month. Bubba’s salary on the other buy essay online cheap travel journal is determined by size of his harvest. Thomas works only the amount of hours needed to obtain his monthly wage. Bubba knows that in order to make good money, his crops must be the best. So he is out before daybreak and doesn’t come back in until after dark. While the city dweller is sitting in the air conditioning filing paper, the country boy is bent over in the hot sun pulling weeds. This difference has always been a large one between these two social groups. Another major difference between Thomas and Bubba is their knowledge essay about sinners in the hands of an angry god their neighbors. At dinner time, Bubba goes down to the cafe in town and talks about the weather with all of the local farmers and cowpokes. He stops in the road to talk to the local veterinarian and waves to one neighbor and says hello to another. On the other hand, when Thomas goes out for lunch, he is usually so rushed that he dashes to the nearest McDonald’s goudy and his type essay his order to go and hurries back to the office, cursing anyone who gets in his way. He doesn’t have time to get to know any of the people he sees daily, and most of his fellow city dwellers are in the same rush. At home, he knows nothing.

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