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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 11:52:39 PM

Give me something for the pain essays I was lying on a long, cold, uncomfortable stretcher being shoved in the back of an ambulance, and then the paramedics slammed the doors behind me. All I could see was the big doors of the ambulance, the wires and tubes going everywhere throughout the ambulance, and the paramedic trying to calm me down so he could stick a needle in my arm to give me something for the pain. Just think, only a few minutes ago all I could think about was the football game. My adrenaline was pumping, and I never could have imagined that this is where I would be. Sometime in mid October on a Cold night women empowerment essay zone for planting Midlothian, just about 20 minutes south of Dallas, I was in Don Floy Memorial stadium about to play a regular old conference football game, or so I thought. For a small town, we always had a good turn out, but that was expected because in Texas, high school football is a big thing. The crowd was so loud that I could barely call the play in the defensive huddle, and the band playing the usual go fight win song that I think every high school band plays didn’t help matters much. We were playing the Waco University Trojans, and it was our first district game.There was two minutes left on the clock in the second quarter. Waco had the ball on our 40-yard line. It was second and ten; we had just stopped them dead in their tracks on a run play up the middle. This was a very important drive because we were ahead 7-0, and we needed to stop them before halftime. Going in help writing engineering essays half after a big defensive stop would be a huge confidence booster for the whole team, so we called a simple pass defense, figuring they would come out trying to throw for the quick touchdown. We lined up waiting for the offense to come out of the huddle.They came out and lined women empowerment essay zone for planting like a sea of purple and yellow with 3 receivers, 1 tight end, and 1 running back: a passing women empowerment essay zone for planting. The quarterback came up to the line and put his hands under the center, “ Red 64! Blue 31! Hut hut!,” yelled.

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