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Sunday, October 22, 2017 6:53:21 AM

Analysis on the death of ivan ilych essays The untimely presence of Ivan Ilych’s death put forth the true feelings of the numerous people surrounding him. To begin with, at the start of the story when his death is revealed, indifference seems to be the dominating emotion. His colleagues, and supposedly his friends, were more interested about the forthcoming job changes and promotions than the death itself. At the funeral, these same individuals’ main priority was arranging a bridge game, rather than mourning about his decease. His wife’s conduct wasn’t much different from those men also, since she inquired about ways to get more money from the government, on, what was suppose to be a tragic day for her. Subsequent to the diagnosis about his illness, he was treated as an annoyance by his wife, and a nuisance by his friends. As his health deteriorated, the only person that had compassion and sympathy for his state was Gerasim, a young peasant working as his servant. He removed Ilych’s waste without displaying disgust, helped help writing my paper ramification of jordan move when he was too weak, and offered to hold his legs up for hours by placing them on his shoulders. Cheap write my essay children and adolescence everyone else pretended to believe that Ilych was not dying, he was the only one who acted differently by offering him the empathy a dying man deserves. Not even his children had that same kind of reaction, although his younger son did cry towards the end of his life, but he was still at a small age and his understanding wasn’t as much as an adult’s could have been. His daughter on the other hand, was mostly too preoccupied with her own life need help do my essay societal views on abortion than caring for her dying father. This lack of buy essay online cheap racial prejudices for him speaks not only for Ivan Ilych’s family and friends, but also how he himself conducted his life in such a way that he ended up being treated poorly at the end. He was treated by the same cold, indifferent way he regarded his friends and family, and realized the effects of his unemotional demeanor when it was unfortunately t.

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