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Schlimabad essays Women’s Domination In Clerical Work Men have always indisputably primarily dominated the work force. Even today in the year 2001, there are more men working today, particularly in help writing engineering essays authority jobs, as well as better benefits and income. But that’s not to diminish how far women have advanced in the working field in the last 150 years. Margery Davies has written a rather extensive and detailed essay of how and why women have come into the modern day work force around the turn of the century. In this essay she clearly signifies that women were primarily clerical workers along with some other common jobs primarily filled by women. The typewriter was invented, first bought and used in the 1870s. Although it may seem like a trivial invention to us today, with computers and word professional literature review ghostwriters service usa, it made a thundering impact on the business world of its era. Women around this time who had mastered the typewriter were quickly holding jobs as stenographers and typists for offices and small businesses. Not only did the typewriter allow for more women to hold more jobs, they somewhat aided in the breaking up of divisions help me do my essay heat energy experiment bigger businesses. Around the later nineteenth century, for the first time in history, offices and businesses in general stated to break up their division of labor. This allotted for more jobs. With more available jobs, men could still hold the higher-level jobs with managerial and authoritative positions, and allow for the women to hold the lower jobs. Also these jobs that were newly founded have never previously existed as a separate job, therefore they had never been classified as a masc! uline or feminine responsibility. They were neither regarded as women’s or men’s’ work. Another reason cheap write my essay hsbc csr noted by Davies that is rather crucial is the fact that women held jobs as clerks in the United States Treasury during the Civil War. Although this is by no means the cause of women taking over cleri.

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