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Dubliners essays Race." The race that is spoken about has a long history of running. It is run once every four years. The course itself has long mountain climbs through Achill Island, Kerry, Cork and Wicklow and a fast frenetic route top descriptive essay ghostwriter services us Criterium to Dublin's O'Connell Street and Parnell Square. It consists of one hundred twelve kilometers through Slane, Navan, Clonee and Lucan. The roads that the race is run on are always shut down. The drivers pass through beautiful scenery and are need help writing my paper simple pleasures in Dublin by thousands of spectators. The finish line to the race is in front of the President's house. 1 The race car itself also brings a sense of freedom to the reader of the story. Joyce writes, "How smoothly it ran. In what style they had come careering along the country roads! The journey laid a magical finger on the genuine pulse of life and gallantly the machinery of human nerves strove to answer the bounding courses of the swift blue animal."2 This shows how they viewed the complex machinery of a race car as a sort of freedom. "Today many people still view the idea of complex machinery as freedom because of mankind's control over nature."3 The city to city races that would take place along European country side around the turn of the century were a "sport of beauty in which even spectators were free to interact with the drivers."4 The passengers of the car were even experiencing their own freedoms. Joyce writes, "In one of these trimly built cars was a party of four young men whose spirits seemed to be at present well above the level of successful How to name a song in an essay in fact, these four young men homework help online kitchen makeover almost hilarious." 5 The men in the car were very carefree. "They knew that they would probably not win this race, but continued to go about their merry ways." 6 They cruised through the countryside and into the crowded streets of Dublin knowing that they had lost the race. Garrett says they were proud of their achievement of making it through the entire .

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