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Physics paper essays overnment (P. Poole! 152-53). Language and Ethnic Groups The official language of Laos is "Lao" the language of the ethnic majority. All of the dialects of the Lao language are members of the Thai family. In fact, Lao is so close to the standard Thai of Thailand that native speakers cannot tell the difference between the two languages. Standard Lao is also used buy essay online cheap pros of childhood vaccines other ethnic groups in different parts of Laos, though many prefer to use their own dialects. Educated Laotians also speak French and English. The Lao Loum are the ethnic majority in Laos and speak Lao. The members of this ethnic group generally reside in the Mekong River valley or buy essay online cheap pros of childhood vaccines lower tributaries. Phone is a member of this ethnic group having resided in the village of… The Lao Theung and the Lao Sung are two other main ethnic groups in Laos, but we will concentrate on the Lao Loum. Material Culture Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. The vital Mekong River forms most of the countries western boundary with Thailan! d. Laos is also bordered by China and Myanmar in the north, Buy essay online cheap the pros and cons of parole in the east, and Cambodia in the south. The climate of Laos is monsoonal help me do my essay business analysis of sport obermeyer there are three distinct seasons: the cool dry season, the hot dry season and the wet season. The Economy of Laos is based mainly upon subsistence farming. Only about 8 percent of the land is available for farming, while 47 percent is forest and 32 percent is wasteland (Poole, P. 747). Rice is the principal crop and is grown either by the wet-rice method or by swidden farming depending on the location. The lowland areas, where Phone lived, cultivate mainly by wet-rice cultivation. Forestry is also of economic importance, but mining and manufacturing are limited. Barter is still the prevalent method of exchange in rural Laotian commerce. The main staple food of Laos is rice. Laotians prefer glutinous or sticky rice to white rice and it is eaten at all meals. Besides rice, Laotians eat vegetables, dr.

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