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Monday, October 30, 2017 9:15:28 AM

Regions of interest essays Geography Regions of Interest In my research of the different settlement professional paper writing services beaumont of the U.S. and Canada, I decided to look at the political side of five separate regions (states). Order essay online cheap changing family values reason I have chosen the states of California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas is that I have personally had the pleasure of visiting each and absorbing each of their surroundings. I believe this has enabled me to better understand the reasoning behind the diverse politics of each state. For each state, I have chosen to look at one or two separate political parties of interest. Since California is such a massive state and is the majority land of its region, I chose to outline two of its most intriguing political academic writers working full time unlike other websites. Some may view many of the parties discussed as radical but many make valid proposals. The American Independent Party has been considered a political party since 1968. (This party is closely related to the Constitution Party.) It shares a similar platform as that of the Constitution Party. It is their mission to restore the values of the U.S. Constitution and supports the following; the right to life, the right to bear professional essay writing services uk resume, the protection against NAFTA and GATT/WTO, and most interesting, the abolishment of the IRS to create a debt free money system. The second of the California parties is the Peace and Freedom Party. This system, like the first, was also founded in the 60’s on June 23, 1967. The root of this political party stems back to the Vietnam War when minorities were left out of the picture and put on the backburner when in came to political support (especially women). As a feminist party, this party supports the struggle to eliminate oppression and sexual discrimination. Moving to Florida the parties tend to be less liberal and more conservative. Most concerns are environmental. The Green Party of Florida focuses its concerns around ten “key values” including; ecological wisdom, social justice, grassro.

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