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Lord of the flies - evil essays Evil within Lord of the Help writing my paper nintendo Essay – Within every soul’s lining lies the capacity for evil. This evil lurks about and is hidden deep inside almost every character in the novel, “Lord of the Flies.” It was most compellingly represented through the eerie beast, the constant search to kill pigs, and the endless need help do my essay appreciating other religions and mockery directed towards Best personal statement writers for hire for mba beast manifested much evil that was vividly present throughout the story. From the littleuns, to the boys who portrayed themselves as strong and bold characters, they all feared the daunting creature. In attempt to persuade the beast from killing them, a group of hunters put a pig’s head on a stick and left it for the beast to savor. Simon wandered by the pig’s head and through his mind’s eye, it began to taunt and tease help writing my paper nintendo. It told him, ""Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill didn't you? I'm part of you? .I'm the reason why it’s no go." Simon became conscious that the beast was just a concoction of their imaginations. He stumbled out of the forest, weak and frail, to tell the others that the beast was simply a horrible creature they had created themselves. At first sight of Simon, they stabbed him to death. Their minds were so fixed on this fictional beast and killing it, that they attacked at first sight of any living thing in movement. "Bollocks to the rules; we're strong - we hunt! If there's a beast, we'll hit it down! The boys had produced for themselves a beast that did not truly exist in reality, which led to the formation of evil within them. The beast was clearly a link to evil in the heads of the boys and on the island. The fascination of hunting and killing the pigs that inhabited the island, was another indication of the evil within the boys. Primarily, Jack the chief hunter, felt remorse and gave up the opportunity to kill a pig. "… They closed in on the struggling pig, they had outwitted a living.

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