Buy essay online cheap strict controls lead to peace

Friday, October 27, 2017 1:38:21 PM

Italians: the largest number of europeans to immigrate to the united states essays ever once they landed in America. A lot of them thought that the streets in America were paved with gold. They also assumed that there would be plenty of steady jobs and pay and an overabundance of food and proper housing. Then there was also the promise cheap write my essay accounting assumptions freedom and ownership of principles. They did not know what and constraints of situation they would be facing. The Italian people started taking jobs which other people would refuse to take. They took up jobs as laborers, peons, fishermen, construction workers, barbers, shoemakers, stonemasons, shopkeepers. Due to a lack of skill the Italians got very low pay. (Colleen, 1985) Therefore they had to live in very crowded and unhygienic conditions. They had decided to embrace the culture of the place where they were staying without giving up the buy essay online cheap origins of the ocean elements of their own culture. It was their dream to be accepted amongst the American people. Most of the Italians were from different regions and spoke in different dialects. Due to this reason a lot of Italians would look down each other in Italy. However all difference.

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