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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 10:29:54 AM

Economics may save canada from the spread of aids essays In The Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS in Canada, researchers Terry Albert and Greg Williams try to prove that many lives can be saved if governments and agencies involved in fighting the epidemic make strategic investments in prevention. This economic style of approaching the problem may save lives as well buy essay online cheap the views of the politician george washington plunkitt money. The key to this intelligent buy essay online cheap prince of tides is targeting the problem. Albert and Williams say that, “hard to find is hard to help.” Their studies have shown that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is feeding on young Canadians with a vengeance. Young homosexual men and drug users are particularly at risk. Dispite this there are signs that the outbreak is spreading among women and Aboriginal people. These skeptic youths are not as likely to listen to traditional messages that have been used in the past to prevent AIDS. Governments and agencies need to accommodate for these groups of people. They also say that with an effective and confidential early-warning system Canada can stay closer to the leading edge of the shifting epidemic--with the help from women’s health centers, addiction treatment centers, prisons and Aboriginal reserves. They also call for a better linkage between information about infection rates and the results of prevention activities. It echoes the observation of the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples in calling for improved national data on HIV infection and related statistics. This Smarter approach to AIDS top papers ghostwriters websites usa is anxiously anticipated in Canada. "Canada can do better in fighting this epidemic," says Judith Maxwell, the President of the Canadian Policy Research Networks. " The study is a major component of an economic research initiative on HIV/AIDS, which was commissioned by Health Canada and conducted by the Canadian Policy Research Networks. This is the first time in Canada that the national investment in HIV prevention has been estimated. The Canadian Policy Research Networks study is.

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