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Saturday, October 21, 2017 11:44:47 AM

Business essays Field Sales Strategy The purpose of our sales promotion activities is to show the public this new and unique product and to make them aware buy essay online cheap sexual arrashment the benefits and useful applications of cheap write my essay pba willet. Our product allows for personal consumers and businesses to attain a healthy and cost efficient environment. We would focus on the point that people like to be healthy and clean but sometimes it is difficult to stop and wash your hands when your in the car or at the office. The product that we have will make these seemingly impossible situations not a problem. Our goal is to show the consumer that this product kills germs effectively and is not only cost efficient but will save them money in the long run. Instead of going to a supermarket or convenience type store and having to buy paper towels, soap, moisturizers and cloth towels, they but simply need to buy our product coasting less than half of what all the alternatives would. Our disinfectant hand lotion not only eliminates the custom essay writing cheap queen for bar soap and towels, but it also eliminates the need for water. Through television commercials and magazine adds we can educate the public about our products. We would also promote our product to distributors such as office supply distributors, stationary type stores, supermarkets and other distributors of cleaning items. To gain the support of these type stores we could perform demonstrations in places like supermarkets and other places such as office depot and staples. This is the type of product that needs to be shown to people in order for them to gain faith in it. We would direct the sales towards all of the costumers that buy essay online cheap sexual arrashment store may have. There would be no target market within the stores consumers. This product simply makes sense, our goal is to introduce it and in a sort, and get people on the bandwagon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** .

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