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Monday, October 16, 2017 1:57:03 PM

Gateway computers and ecommerce essays Gateway (Computers) and e-commerce The company I chose to evaluate was Gateway Gateway targets both consumer and business market segments. The website contains links for accessing the various divisions, which comprise gateway. They include: Global Gateway, Accessory Store, Gateway Country,, and Gateway News. Of these, the accessory store seems to target both consumer and business markets, however, it is clear that Gateway’s main objectives center solely on the consumer segment. A change in the website as well as company growth have promoted an addition of revenue models. Previously, Gateway gained revenues by selling merchandise over the Internet (computers). The addition of, an Internet portal, and gateway country (which includes computer training), have brought forth a fee-for-service and advertising based revenue strategy as well. My opinion on the overall effectiveness of their company website is that it works. And it works well. Personally I do not shop Gateway, but I can see that their service and product caters to the average computer user. Essays on Aeneas - Brand-New ? has built a value-oriented appeal that has allowed them to generate revenues etc. leading to the addition of different revenue-producing businesses including a web-portal. The genius in buy essay online cheap the impact of the financial crisis on education is that they can use this to their advantage by advertising their computer selling division can i buy an essay online free cheap write my essay personal qualities of successful entrepreneurs the portals, classes, and other outlets. That’s right, they are making money with the new divisions such as through advertising, as well as plugging their other business entities. It seems that this is the wave of the future as margins on personal computers continue to decline, thus companies such as Gateway and Dell computers must find new sources of revenue. Thank you and have a good Day. .

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