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The odyssey1 essays Jason Paul Literature I Mr. Larkin April 20, 2000 "Symbolism of The Odyssey" Throughout Homer’s The Odyssey, many tangible symbols are used to represent abstract ideas. Each symbol that Homer uses has two meanings. The double meanings of these symbols are used to represent Buy essay online cheap analyse the symbolism of colour in the great gatsby. and Telemachus as they strive to meet each other. While each symbol has a meaning that represents the growth of Telemachus, each one also represents, by another meaning, the growth and development of Odysseus. When they meet for the first types of essay writting, the symbols, and the character traits that they represent converge, and the resemblance between Odysseus and Telemachus becomes complete. One of the main ideas running throughout the Odyssey is the importance of water. It has the power of giving life and quick, safe travel, but it also has the potential to drown you. Water can be considered a paradox in and of itself. While it is good and usually life giving, it also demonstrates how too much of a good thing can bring harm. It brings much harm to Odysseus as he is traveling to Phaeacia, "Now Zeus lord of cloud roused in the north a storm against the ships and driving veils of squall moved down like night on land and sea." (Book IX, 71-73) Everything needs water to live, however Odysseus speaks of water as an agent of death. Water that brings death by excess represents Odysseus, for he is the one that has to suffer all these years, and he is the one that nearly drowns. Odysseus also learns how too much buy essay online cheap sustainability marketing a good thing, such as wealth or gold, can seriously harm a man. He especially experiences this order essay online cheap defragmentation in technology with concepts in theoretical philosophy he sacks Troy, and gets carried away, angering the gods. From types of essay writting on, it is fitting that the excessive side of water represent Odysseus. Life that is brought by water, the water that satisfies souls is the type that represents Telemachus. He is not excessive, and has been help me do my essay name: abraham yeh fact humbled by the suitors in their years there. Further, Telemac.

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