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Defending against protestants essays How Roman Catholics Defended Their Faith Against the Protestant Reformation After the Protestant Reformation came about in the 1520’s the Catholics were forced to counter and neutralize it for their own good. The Protestant Reformation degraded views of Catholicism. Not only did the reformation lure devote Catholics away from their church, it affected Catholicism by challenging aspects of their faith and the Renaissance. It mainly challenged essay on friendship trust and respect in relationships Renaissance’s tendency to follow classical sources and its’ devotion to the traditional and more common religions. The Catholics could not and did not stand for this to take place, so they put forth their efforts to stop the Protestant Reformation. One of the more obvious things that the Catholics did to defend against the Protestant Argumentative essay on university and polytechnic was The Counter Reformation. The Counter Reformation began in Lithuania in 1543. It was a Roman Catholic movement against the rise in Lutheranism. As a religious movement it grew with the support of Jesuits. The Jesuits helped out in defending Catholicism by reinforcing the church. The Counter Reformation resulted in the establishment of Vilnius University in 1579. The Counter Reformation can also be seen as political movement because of a loss in revenue in the Baltic provinces. The Lutheranism in the area diverted funds from the Church because that religion did not require taxes to be paid to the Pope. The Council of Trent was another great way of combating against the Protestant Reformation. The Essay on blood is thicker than water of Trent was initiated by Pope Paul, and it was forced onto him by the Emperor Charles V. The Protestant Reformation led others to disbelieve in some of the Catholic Principles, so Charles V set up the Council of Trent to reassert the church’s doctrine. One of the main things the council did was to curtail the selling of church offices. Argumentative essay on university and polytechnic also strengthened authority of local bishops which increased effectiveness. The priest had to.

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