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The economic impact of colonia essays The Economic Impact of Colonialism This chapter begins with a picture of the tragic European economical impact on African between 1885 and 1939. Furthermore, we will emphasize why the European want to used African resources for their own development. In order to circulate agricultural and mine product they then need to build transportation infrastructure. Some people may argue that the transportation infrastructure build during the colonial era was for the benefit of the African. I do not agree, because those infrastructures were primarily built to transport cash crops and mine product from the inland to the seaport. Let’s now consider the African economical aspect before 1885, which marks the beginning of the interaction with European. Trading was the only way of doing business among African and the rest of the world. For instance during the fifteen century, (1400) African used to trade gold, cattle, spices to salt. They were not using currency for the commerce. Furthermore, the main occupation was farming. Africans were just growing crops for their personal use. Africans were using their children and family members for labor. When the times comes to grow crops, the head of the family will makes a lot of food for the workers, this was the only way to pay the laborers. Dramatically, after buy essay online cheap aft2 task 2 contact with European, the ways of African were doing business change completely. Now, they are controlled by the government. They will no longer grow for themselves, but for the need of the Europeans. They introduced need help do my essay how to shoot a hockey puck new form of crops called “cash crops”. Africans are required to grow non alimentary crops, but encourage growing crops that will be used in Europeans industries. The benefit of this new aspect is that Africans will be paid. The market were regulated by the European, they fix the price based on their demand. African was forced to buy essay online cheap causes of the fall of rome more when the European industries need material. Eventually, with the.

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