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Facing mt. kenya essays African Tradition In his book, Facing Mt. Kenya, Jomo A true hollywood star establishes the history and tradition of the Gikuyu society. He defends the African tradition and condemns the British rule in Kenya. Certain points are cited throughout his reading with respect to the justification of Gikuyu society. Oral tradition, family clan, age grouping, sexuality, marriage and religion play a profound role in the lives of the Gikuyu. Kenyatta finds the British capitalizing on the work force the Gikuyu provide. He further states that the British took away their right to religion and has portrayed them as a lazy and uncivilized society. Kenyatta states that oral tradition is an important trait that a young child in the Online assignment notebook help society learns from his birth. Writing and reading were not ideal skills since the oral tradition allowed the child to grow and adapt to this type of mentality. The child was guided through the teachings of his parents so that one day he may be able to carry this tradition to his offspring. Folklore, tribal dances, tribal customs, and farming were all taught orally and through hands-on experience. The concept of family clan and age grouping gave the child status and he was nothing without this resource. Those who were not within a certain age grouping were considered people of witchcraft and executed. The family clan consisted of the immediate family within a man and his wife or wives and children. The division of labor and land was all strategically planned out according to writing my research paper the war on drugs. Men were given specific duties within the household and in the fields as well as women. For example! , in building a hut the primary duty of the man was to cut the timber and put up the framework while the duty of custom essay writing company usa woman was to cut the grass for thatching and plastering. In cultivating the men clear the bush, cut big trees, and break the virgin soil while women prepare the ground for sowing seeds. Men would plant certain crop while wom.

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