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Rome, the power and glory essays e would rule Rome as Consul’s. Yearly elections were held to make sure that no two people would remain in power for an extended period of time. This led to the establishing of the senate and the motto SPQR. The Senate and the People of Rome. This is one of the many ways that Rome had a lasting impact on western civilization. Both the United States and Canada have a senate modeled after the Romans. In this way, Rome became a republic. For at least 100 years after they gained their independence, the Romans were at war with the Etruscans. Finally, the extraordinary long battle was over and Rome was free from the Etruscans forever. It was about time that there was a persisting threat from the Gauls to the north. The Romans were pleased with themselves and having defeated the Etruscans, that they refused to believe that the barbarians would be too much of a threat. They were sadly mistaken. In 386 B.C the Gauls ransacked and occupied Rome. The citizens cheap write my essay importance of good manners devastated. They had never suffered a loss of this magnitude, cheap write my essay critique oedipus rex the empire was still in its infancy, the citizens decided cheap write my essay central irony only was to win back the city was to go under its infancy. An enigmatic farmer know as Cincinnatus was elected to this position. He rallied the legions into an extremely formidable force and took back Tome from the Gaulish barbarians. After he had accomplished this, he returned to his farm to live a simple life. The first major battle the empire would ever face was that against the Carthaginians led by Hannibal who came over the Alps and invaded Italy. At this time, the legions were led by a general by the name of Skippio. The majority of the army was made up of citizens who could be called together when needed. Otherwise know as the militia. The legions defeated Hannibal and pursued him back to Carthage. In 291 B.C it stretched 52,000 miles. Sulla Sulla was a staunch republican who returned form the Social wars in 88 B.C and demanded land for his.

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