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Porfiero diaz essays Elite Caudillo Porfirio Diaz “ENEMY OF THE PEASANTS” Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Nation and planet-rights and responsibilities (15 September 1830 – buy essay online cheap qualities of swiss army knife July 1915) was a dictator who ruled Mexico from 1876 until 1911 (with the exception of one single four-year period). Diaz was born in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. He was a Mestizo, of Mixtec Indian and Spanish ancestry. An army officer with humble rural roots, he became something of a hero due to his participation in the war against the French, where he won several important victories. He led the irish dance music essay in the celebrated Battle of Puebla of 1862. In 1876, he overthrew the government of President Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada. Initially, he advanced a platform of reform, using the slogan "No Re-election" (for the President). Defeated by Juarez in the presidential election of 1871, Diaz charged fraud and led a revolt against the government, which was not suppressed until after the inauguration of Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada. Diaz again lost in the presidential race order essay online cheap los angeles dodgers 1876. He refused defeat and 1876 he overthrew the government of President Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada. Aside from a brief period from 1880 to 1884 when he handpicked Manuel Gonzalez as his temporary successor, he remained in power until 1911. His rule was ruthless and ultimately effective. He maintained power through manipulation of votes, but also through simple violence and assassination of his opponents, which as a result were very few. He was a cunning politician and knew very well how to manipulate people to his advantage. He also sought reconciliation with previously hostile sectors, particularly the Catholic Church and the U.S. government. Diaz’s policy encouraging foreign investment resolved U.S. interference with Mexico’s decisions, and led to U.S. recognition of his regime. Diaz embarked on a program of modernization, attempting to bring Mexico up to the level of a modern state. His principal advisers were of a type called cien.

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