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The lord of the flies- symbols essays Symbolism is something that stands for or suggests something else. William Golding uses symbolism to create an intricate writing of great depth. Yet there are many symbols in the novel Lord of the Flies. There are four main symbols: the conch, the Beast, Lord of the Flies and the characters (Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy). The conch is one of the main symbols that Golding introduces in the novel. The conch shell is the first important discovery that Ralph and Piggy found on the island. They use it to call the separated children for a meeting held on the beach. With this in mind, the conch becomes a symbol of order (18-21). It is also used to govern meetings – the holder has the right to speak without any interruption (36). During cheap write my essay excercise 11 first chapter the conch represents power. Everybody on the island obeyed and listened to Ralph when he had the essay paper writing service you in his possession, and the conch made Ralph the chief of the buy essay online cheap stair climbing robot. “But there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat – that marked him out. There was his size, and attractive appearance; and most obscurely, yet most powerfully, there was the conch.” (24). As the savagery on the island dominates, the conch loses its power and discipline over the children. When Piggy gets murdered by Roger, the conch is shattered, representing al of the civilized instinct, destruction among the island. Piggy was the smartest and civilized boy on the island. His glasses represent the power of science. This is clear when Piggy’s specs are used to make fire by intensifying the sunlight with the lens( ). When Jack’s tribe come and steal one of Piggy’s lens ( ), in symbolizes Ralph’s loss of civilization. One of the most important symbols in the novel, the infamous beast, which scares every child on the island (even Ralph at one point). The beast represents the evil within all of the islanders. Throughout the entire novel everybody was petrified of the beast and.

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