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The effects of nationalism on the russian revolution world war ii and the coldwar essays According to most historians, the term nationalism refers to the loyalty and devotion of persons or citizens to a particular nation through a sense of national consciousness that places one nation above all others. In addition, nationalism places a primary emphasis on the cultural aspects and interests of a nation as opposed to those of other nations or groups. The main reasons for nationalism are usually based on national security and defense, especially during times of war. In world history, one can find many examples of nationalism, such as during the Russian Revolution of 1917, World War II and the Cold War. In November of 1917, a coup d'etat headed by Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik party created the Russian Revolution which overthrew the monarchy of Nicholas II. The reasons for this revolution are all based on nationalism, for it is clear that the Bolsheviks, seeing themselves as the saviors of Russia, were very upset with the political, social and economic conditions in their country. While Nicholas II was emperor, the social conditions in Russia were in turmoil, for a good number of the common workers and the peasant classes lived under extreme cheap write my essay ncfe principles of dementia care level 2 of poverty, while Nicholas and his family lived in the most luxurious of settings, comfortably secure in their magnificent palaces and country homes with all the splendors of wealth and prosperity. In addition, these radical movements gave the common man and woman a need help writing my paper retribution and much recognition as compared to their status while under the reign of the monarchs, for after the revolution, they were able to question the rule of the Russian aristocracy. With the help of Karl Marx's 2 Communist Manifesto, the Russian Revolution became the hallmark of nationalism, due to the Bolsheviks's view that Marxism was the solution for their destitution and lack cheap write my essay ncfe principles of dementia care level 2 a political voice during the r.

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