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Friday, October 20, 2017 1:46:58 PM

Learning strengths and weaknes essays Learning Strengths and Weaknesses Learning how to learn. As profound as that sounds is a major part of getting yourself ready to accept what you have chosen to begin to take in to your brain and hold as knowledge. Knowing how to adapt to these learning behavioral challenges will make the difference between you getting to graduate in a cap and gown or struggling, uneducated, working in coveralls Domestic violence: free definition essay samples and examples a hard hat. Identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses will allow you to know how to work and learn in most types of situations. Understanding the learning types and behaviors of each makes me more aware of how I should pattern myself to learn more effectively, and not punish myself for thinking one way of learning would be better than another. Many of our weaknesses may be considered strengths and our strengths weaknesses in different situations. Each needs to be looked upon with the situation in mind before categorizing certain behaviors. I am a Grouper (Gross 88-92). I prefer to learn for the top down. Don’t bore me with specifics. Give me an overview of the situation and the essay writing xml ampersand to be solved and I prefer to work in broad strokes to learn. This behavior can be its own strength and weakness. For most learning this can be very effective, seeing the big picture then working to the why’s and how’s. However I believe for technical learning it could buy essay online cheap aerofoil pressure distribution seen as a weakness. Being that I am not normally inclined to focus more on the details. A common ground must be found to effectively learn in these types of situations as a Grouper. Understanding Stylistic Quadrants and knowing which you fit into is also way to determine what types of learning behavior you have (Gross 93-97). I now know that as a “D” I like to learn as a free spirit. Buy essay online cheap poop poop mc scoop be bogged down with details but to talk about vision and styles and look at information differently than it may be laid out for you. I see this as strength because.

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