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Sunday, October 22, 2017 8:15:30 PM

Australian poetic analysis essays Jennifer Rankin, a Sydney born Australian female poet, offers her readers an abstract insight into the world she enters as a writer in her poem “I Had A Room”. As the title suggests, the poem achieves this through comparing what goes on in the personal sanctuary of her room to what goes on as time passes outside. As the poet finds herself encompassed by her work and her room, we are shown how through expressing herself, she is released from the prison of her mind. This suggests to the reader that only through writing is she inspired and free. The first five lines of the poem are not in a single stanza, but separated into two two-lined groups and a single line alone. Line two sets the scene of the room, “pale and glowing amongst the tall grass.” The personification of the house as a comforting, warming and welcoming light is seen as an invitation for the writer. Cheap write my essay conflict surrounded by the tall grass gives the impression that the room has been undisturbed for a long time. Line 1 shows us that although she had left her room so long ago, Rankin is so familiar with her sanctuary that she is still definitely certain of it’s location, even after having had such a long time pass. The next two lines gives the reader an idea as to how the poet once left the room and seems to have lost something of the room once she “closed the thick oak door.” This represents the room as a strongly emotional and ornamental place for the writer to find sanctuary from within. Line 5 provokes a number help me do my essay breast implants different interpretations. “Thousands of years ago” suggesting that she has been away from the room for so long. It may also be seen that Rankin feels as though the room will be there causes and prevention, giving the room an element of timelessness, where outside the world goes by, but “the room is still there”. The technique of splitting the five lines instead of writing them as one single stanza conveys the idea of clearly setting.

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