Writing my research paper partial-birth abortion: the logical and illogical arguments

Sunday, October 22, 2017 1:32:54 AM

Why i admire aaliyah essays Why I Admire Aaliyah A young talented New York born star ready to shine was named Aaliyah, and with the help of her parents her voice matured vocally. Destined and being confident in all that she did, Aaliyah began singing in church and plays at school as well in advancing her career up by acting. Her positive image made her a role model to all because she was a hard-worker, very talented and intelligent. Many admire Aaliyah because she is a total package, and like her song she is “One in a Million”. Aaliyah was very intellectual and one hundred and ten percent was put into everything she accomplished. In addition, she excelled in her academics greatly by graduating from Detroit Fine and Performing Arts High School example of a compare and contrast essay with a thesis statement a three point eight grade point average. Aaliyah was a perfectionist and she never gave up, and with God by her side she conquered everything essential in bettering her career. She has inspired writing my research paper partial-birth abortion: the logical and illogical arguments adolescents to surpass in school academically like she did, and to take life more serious. In fact, she sang in the choir at church, sang in school plays, and took vocal lessons to express her love in music. Aaliyah’s awards and success has showed how well prepared she was in following her one true dream in being a singer. She set a good example for adolescents everywhere wanting to follow in her steps or to pursue another dream by using their talents and always give as much effort as possible. Aaliyah’s name means “the highest, the best” in Arabic and that is what she was the best role model for anyone. Aaliyah’s talents flourished greatly cheap write my essay freight forwrding just by singing, but also by dancing, and acting which led her to be number one at a young age. Even so, at the tender age of ten Aaliyah began performing professionally and this opened doors for her. Aaliyah was a little girl with a big heart and a voice good enough to sing with Gladys Knight and to sing on Star Search. A .

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