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Compare and contrast louis xiv's economic and political impact on the lower class with that of william and mary Writing a great research paper bestgetbuyessay.com monarchy. In 1688 the English statistician Gregory King surveyed "the Income and Expenses of the several families of England" in which he described half the 5A? million population of England as "laboring people, out-servants, common seamen and soldiers, cottagers and paupers" with annual incomes of A?20 and lower.[3] In France at the same time, Marshal Vauban estimated that the population consisted of "10 per cent beggars, 50 per cent near-beggars, and another 30 per cent very badly off."[4] The precise reliability of such estimates is open to question, but they are strongly indicative of societies in which income was very unevenly distributed, and in which a majority of people were in poverty or an apple a day keeps the doctor away essay. Perhaps the most important cheap write my essay escaping the firewall with an ssh tunnel direct way in which seventeenth-century government imposed its existence upon such people was through its financial requirements. In the late seventeenth century, both England and France were heavily indebted states, involved in constant warfare and requiring constant increases in subsidy and income. Only the richer strata of society paid taxation on income and property; for the lower orders the main state financial imposition came through customs, duties, sales taxes and tolls. William and Mary's government did not look to the humblest in society to finance the activities of the state, but to those with the greatest stake in the survival and prospering of the regime: property owners, businessmen, financiers, the urban bourgeoisie. The result was the foundation of the Bank of England and the creation of the National Debt, based not upon the needs of the state as an imposition but rather as an investment opportunity. As a consequence, the goods the lower orders depended upon a€“ bread, grain, beer a€“ were spared heavy financial impositions, although cheap write my essay notable features of corporate social responsibility remained unpopular with the ordinary people.[5] In France no such financial stratagems.

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