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Sunday, October 22, 2017 11:44:26 PM

When i consYdered how my light was spent essays In the sonnet XIX-When I Essay on The Psychological Dilemma in Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment How My Light is Spent, John Milton explains his feelings when he blinded. He feels sorry for not being able to use his talent to serve God. After losing his sight he couldn’t create anything but he is sure that God ordered him to serve. When he feels sorrow a voice says him God does not evaluate man according to work and the sonnet ends. I think this sonnet is really meaningful and it made me think on some issues. First of all I thought that ‘In what ways I am serving to God? I could not find an answer to my question because I discovered that I don’t do anything related to my talents. Ok, I accept that I am studying my lessons, doing my homework, joining social activities help on my persuasive essay!!!? I am making everything that I am responsible for. However, as I said, they are not related to my talents. For cheap write my essay emerging issues in accounting mohammmad, one of my talents is writing poems but I didn’t write a single line for months, since I don’t have time or I couldn’t find a topic to write on. I have a beautiful voice but I haven’t done anything to become a singer. In my opinion, using our talent to serve God is also depends on his command. After giving us a talent, He should also give us chance to use it. Being at the right time at the right place and at the right condition is necessary to use our talents. Therefore, John Milton’s distress is in vain. Another thing I want to buy essay online cheap old reliable, I think Milton’s fear is not from God. He is in sorrow because the only thing that he could do was taken from his hands. He thinks, it is not fair, so he starts his sonnet with ‘When I Considered How My Light is Spent’. When I first read the poem, I understood that Milton was thinking that he had a light inside but this light; his life energy, everything was taken away from him and his life was wasted by God. I thought he was complaining about God. I came to this consequence because the things that I have read in a boo.

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