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Friday, October 20, 2017 11:10:45 PM

Green days and nothing gold can stay essays “Green Days” and “Nothing Gold can Stay” Many great writers and poets have talked about life. They expressed their views about life and how everyone should live his life. Robert Frost buy essay online cheap little killer Emily Dickinson are my two favorite poets. Both have written many poems that talk about life. William Palmer, another known writer has talked about life in “Green Days”. There are some similarities between “Green Days” and “Nothing Gold can Stay” by Robert Frost. Both have talked about how life changes and we have to move order essay online cheap capital punishment is state sanctioned murder with our lives. William Palmer and Robert Frost used nature in their work to show how life changes. There are many differences between “Green Days” and “Nothing Gold can Stay”. In “Green Days” the author talks about how his son was growing so rapidly that he wished his son was still younger. He thought that his son would lose his innocence as he grows up. So, in “Green Cheapest essay writer your the author is saying how people grow and change. Robert Frost, however, is saying that nature dies when the sun sets in but then a new nature is born the next sunrise. In this way they are different. According to me, Morrie buy essay online cheap socilogy essay number one criticize both the writers. Morrie’s advice about life was that to expect no tomorrow. He asked us to live our life as if today was our last day. However, in “Green Days” and “Nothing Gold can Stay”, they talk about changes. So basically they are expecting tomorrow. Therefore, Morrie would criticize both of these works. .

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