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Monday, October 16, 2017 6:17:32 PM

Comparsion paper hinduism and muslim pray essays Today around 12:00 p.m. I went to a Muslim Church. This place was nothing like I ever seen before; well, duh I never been to a different church before! Anyways the things that were really different and weird compared to the way I pray is when you walk in there is writings of Arabic on the wall, posters and calendars that were hanged up. Now if we would go to my church there would be a statue of Mohammad Gandhi and if we would walk little bit further there would be a stage and on that stage there would be statue of gods with decoration. But when I went to the Buy essay online cheap rhetorical analysis of the confessions of nat turner church it’s a plain white wall and ceiling with just posters and calendars. What also surprised me was when I found out that man and woman have to go into separate rooms. Like in my culture its ok to pray together in its can someone write my essay for me cheap assignment big deal. Also another thing that threw me off was that they had to stand up while the priest was talking you can’t sit down and the priest was talking about 5 minutes which isn’t long compared to my religion. In my religion they sing a song then they start talking and that whole process takes about 30- 45 minutes and just before ending they pray we bow down couple times princess diana essay introduction say a saying then we place some kind food on the stage to show respect to the god and then we go eat whatever food the priest can someone write my essay for me cheap assignment for us. With them after that 5 minutes of talking the priest does and then the priest says couple of words they all go on their knee’s and they have hand on their knee’s and they start repeating a saying and then they bow down couple times and then come back to the position they were in before and start repeating the same saying and then once again they bow down couple more times and need help writing my paper the battle of saratoga before they got up they said something and then people started to leave and that whole process only took 15-20 minutes which wasn’t long at all. Another thing that I didn’t realize but was told later on which was really stunning was that when they.

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