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The tale of two cities essays A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens Good literature is when an author includes character development, author’s craft, and a theme that is relevant to today’s world. Charles Dickens includes all of these aspects of good literature in A Tale of Two Cities by having characters that change and grow throughout the book. He also creates good literature by having many motifs, symbols and themes that contribute to the book’s development. Character development is when an author creates a Spanish civil war photo essay where children with certain qualities and attributes that make them important and changes those qualities either for the good or for the bad to create Science homework help for 5th grade bestgetbuyessay even more important my mother essay young and beautiful lyrics. Although Charles Dickens only develops two of the characters throughout the book, these two characters become very significant to the books ending. Charles Dickens proves that Sydney Carton is the Science homework help for 5th grade bestgetbuyessay effective character in the book. In the beginning Carton is an alcoholic attorney that has no interest in living and enjoying his life. In chapter four Carton even confesses to Darnay that his life is a waste, “‘I am a disappointed drudge sir. I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me’” (pg 76). However, this all changes when Carton visits Lucie Manette and he confesses his love to her and how he will do anything for her professional descriptive essay proofreading service for masters for anybody she loves. This point marks the beginning of the development of Sydney Carton. As the book nears the end Charles Darnay is sentenced to death by the guillotine, however this is Lucie’s husband and a person she truly loves. Carton then fulfills his promise to Lucie and steps in as Darnay, who both look very much alike, and he is then executed in the guillotine. Carton’s sacrifice of life, can ascertain his life’s great worth. Like Carton, Doctor Manette undergoes a drastic changed throughout the book. When Mr. Lorry discovers Manette he is a prisoner who has been neglected for many years and sits in his cell mi.

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