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The nafta act of 1993 essays modities; for these. Longer transition periods as well as quotas and tariffs were handled under side agreements. Some of these products include sugar and frozen concentrated orange juice. Relief against a€?import surges' was also separately agreed. For the U.S., these separated agreements applied to imports of Mexican onion, tomatoes, eggplants, chili peppers, squash and watermelons. For Mexico, special safeguards were agreed for live swine and most pork products, apples and potato products. (Economic Perspectives, June 1996) However, by early 2002, it was clear that the protections worked better for the Get someone write my paper learning to flycast. agricultural industry than for Mexico's farmers. In short, many agricultural provisions of NAFTA created farm jobs (or at least farm income) in the U.S., and threatened Mexico's mainly peasant farmers with further economic hardship. Even before the round of tariff cuts for U.S. agricultural goods entering Mexico in 2003, U.S. pork cuts cost only 27 cents a pound in Mexico, versus $1.14 for Mexico-raised pork. This is possible because of the differences in government subsides for pork producers. In the U.S., subsidies amount to about $20,000 a year; in Mexico, it's only about $700. (Smith 2002) Observers say that Mexico has, however, done well since NAFTA with labor-intensive crops. More than half of the cucumbers and buy essay online cheap cja 304 week 1 of all tomatoes consumed in the U.S. are grown in Mexico (Smith 2002), which would mean an increase in such jobs for Cheap write my essay how to do business, and a decrease for Americans. The p.

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