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A mississippi river experience essays The exposed rock that you see along the Mississippi river is mainly sedimentary rock. The events that formed the area surrounding the Mississippi river tell a story about strong and weak points essay writing has been there before. The igneous rocks that are present at the surface, and under the surface near the area of the Mississippi river were formed by areas deep below the surface of the earth which have liquid magma in them, the liquid reverand hale character analysis essay comes to the surface when a volcanic eruption occurs. With the presence of Benotite on level C it shows that there was obvious some type of volcanic presence in this area otherwise, this type of rock would not be existent. There is also a possibility that a glacier brought this rock here in its travels. The softness of the volcanic ash shows us that it might not have been here for a long time, or it might be the outcome of a small eruption. Metaphoric rocks are also present Essay on Tyco International: Management Planning Analysis this area, and we found them on every level we encountered. These rocks were formed by the pressure being so great that they are transformed into that type of rock. Especially near areas where there is a vast amount of water you can find sedimentary rocks. Those rocks are made of soil, sand, dust, and organic material are deposited layer after later and pressed together to form rocks. The currants of oceans, or rivers, in this case move the rocks and reorganize them. The softness of the ground was a key indication that this used to be the sight of an ocean. The shores of oceans are generally softened over time Essay on Tyco International: Management Planning Analysis the currant and waves crashing into them. We also found various fossils on our outing to the Mississippi that led us to consider this being the area of an ocean because of the origin of these organisms. We found both Bryozoans and Brachiopods. Bryozoans or "moss animals," are aquatic organisms, living for the most part in colonies of interconnected individuals. Brachiopods were also found, which is completely miraculous. Branch.

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