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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 10:11:15 AM

Destroying our homes essays Chris Hyde Comp. #1 1:00 Beki Eidson Destroying Our Home Why do we continue to destroy our world? Everyday we take more and more natural resources. A Dutch study found that twenty environmental problem and solutions essay of our cartrips are a mile or less. A Dutch researcher by the name of Linda Steg, Ph.D., reported that the Netherlands are now using twenty five percent more energy than they did fourteen years ago. This all says that we are not conscious of how fast we are damaging the delicate balance we have with Mother Nature. Why do we humans continue to be environmental problem and solutions essay only species that destroys and uses our planet and environmental problem and solutions essay drains and kills it (Gifford)? One of our most precious resources, our water, becomes more polluted everyday. The Great Research paper writing services reviews apple, home to one-fifth of the world’s surface fresh water, is so polluted that buy essay online cheap welfare benefits trout can not even reproduce in them. Both Canada and some states rely on the Great Lakes for food. Now some scientists do not even cow what species of bacteria or parasites that they are finding in some fish. This is because international ships come in and bring nonindigenous bacteria and parasites, which have no natural predators, thus upsetting the delicate balance we have with our ecosystem. It is believed that the declining coastal shorelines and wetlands. Many of our water systems have also received pollutants in them form the runoff of herbicides and pesticides, known as agricultural runoff. This agricultural runoff is responsible for around fifty to seventy percent of our surface water pollution( Magnuson). We have polluted our world for centuries. In the nineteenth century they had soda ash factories. Soda ash is an extremely alkali product. You can only imagine what was cone with the ash that they could not use. Then come the twentieth century when we have just about covered essay writing national day japan the world with waste: from the Alaskan oil spill to testing nuclear weapons (on small islands, in the desert, under water, and in the far.

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