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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 6:38:51 PM

Mideast conflict essays ears, the situation was quickly becoming a full-fledged disaster. It was becoming apparent that greater steps needed to be taken. Britain moved their focus from that of a regional focus, to a focus on just the West Bank area. Anger again increased on both sides. 7. In 1939, Britain dropped the partition plan and adopted the White Paper. Jewish immigration was again addressed in addition to placing limits on Jewish land purchases. Britain again attempted to rectify this sad situation. But by now, discontent was growing at a rapid pace. The Jews wanted a safe-haven from Nazism and needed to flee Europe. Meanwhile Arab discontent grew enormously. Arabs felt like they were being flooded with illegal immigrants, while their homeland was being sold-out right from underneath their feet. 8. When World War II started millions of Jews were murdered by Hitler’s forces. Due to the Holocaust, the Jewish immigration again exceeded the limitations that had been placed. It is important to note example of an essay written by a filipino author both Arabs and Jews supported Britain during .

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