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Monday, October 23, 2017 7:48:06 PM

"blake snake" by mary oliver essays “The Black Snake’ by Mary Oliver is a free verse poem about a person who experiences death, the attitudes of the event need help do my essay incorrect interpretation of the usa patriot act the mourning afterwards. This person experiences death first hand through the life taking of a snake. Oliver uses dramatic imagery and simile to exemplify deaths unpredicted coming. Arbitrary this is how death occurs. In this poem, the speaker is experiencing the effects of an uncertain death. In the beginning of the poem the speaker is driving down the road when “The Pollution essays need u bad Snake” flashes on to the road. The snake after being hit “lies looped and useless as an old bicycle tire.” The speaker uses this simile to show the prominence of the after effect that death has on the body, symbolizing after death there is no value. The speaker after driving away is then concerned and “stops the car.” The speaker then becomes sympathetic and solemn, when she compares the snake to “a dead brother” and then “carries the snake into the bushes and leaves him under the leaves,” symbolizing the burial and the connection to the snake. Then the speaker has an epiphany —oh “death: its suddenness” symbolizing the, mourning associated with death. In the second inc of the poem the speakers’ attitude towards life is revealed “reasons burns a brighter fire” shows optimism, which the body has always wanted more than death. The speaker also says “to oblivion: not me!” this shows the passion the speaker pollution essays need u bad for life. The speaker then shows where life begins through parallelism “the light at the center of every cell.” This is what “sent the snake coiling and flowing forward,” exuberant all spring. Then he came to the road, where death pollution essays need u bad unrelenting and helpful similes, Oliver focuses on a process on life and the volatility of death. .

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