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Saturday, October 14, 2017 6:05:21 AM

Those people essays Those People “Oh, so you’re one of those people,” she inquires, in a tone consisting of disdain and surprise, after telling her I’m going to the Mudvayne and Ultraspank concert. She continues, “so you get all dressed in leather and put in your nose ring to get ready, huh?” I laugh, looking over my rather plain appearance of a Black Label Society t-shirt and jeans, wondering how many laughs I would get wearing leather and give a clearly sarcastic “yeah” answer. She looks clearly offended by my nature and explains that she thought that’s what us “metal people” wore. How we should have rings piercing every available piece of flesh on our heads and that we all wear black, even in summer. She goes on further explaining that we’re all Satanic, that the music is “too loud,” and that cheap write my essay establishing a company website and synchronizing inventory database are crazy. I listen, somewhat interested in her assessment of the heavy metal community and think about the people I see around at the concerts I’ve been to. Soccer moms, computer geeks, hippie types, and others who don’t seem to “fit the mold,” they’re there right beside the goth chick and the leather clad anarchist, loving the music all the same. I wonder to myself if I should explain to her the community of heavy metal, how many people that will talk to you while you’re waiting in line for the show, completely unbiased towards what you look like, talk like, or act like, or how great the bands help writing school essay on hacking cheap write my essay life at sea v.s life as a castaway their fans, there are very few bands in this area of music who go on stage and make their millions, these guys do it purely for the adrenaline rush of getting on stage and the reaction of the fans. I refrain from berating her prejudices, but only because I’m late for the show, or so I thought. I step into line at 7:30, only to find out that it’s being held back till 8:30. No one’s particularly mad or upset though, because the guitarist of Ultraspank and the vocalist for Mudvayne are walking up and do.

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