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Why did the lon fail? essays s something that they were not willing to do. Another country that was outside the league was the USSR because it was communist. Two major countries, the USA and the USSR were not involved in the League, which is part of the reason why the league failed. Although the League helped in a way in the 1920’s by making sure that millions of refugees from the First World War were helped to return to their homes, it was still a failure in more ways than it was successful. The main aim of buy essay online cheap george bush league was to create peace between nations that it did do for a while, it did not manage to create peace where necessary. For example it was able to settle the dispute of land between Poland and Germany, it was able to give Finland the islands it had wanted with Sweden agreeing and it managed to condemn Greece who invaded Bulgaria. Apart from these small issues in the 20’s the League seemed almost incapable to settle issues that held a major impact on the world. In 1920 Vilna was made the capital of Lithuania. Most of the buy essay online cheap the crusades the song of roland of Lithuania was Polish and a Polish army held the order essay online cheap robert stevenson. This did not conjoin with the rules of the League. However France wanted to keep on the right side of Poland and Britain could not act alone so the League did absolutely nothing. Although this was only a small factor of why the League failed, it was one of the reasons. This showed that the League was incapable of following their own rules and that they were more into their own interests and opinions rather that what the world needed and what the League had said. In 1920-1922 there was the Greece and Turkey incident. This incident completely opposed what the Leagues main aim had been; to keep peace between nations and to enforce the 1919 peace settlement. Turkey had refused to accept how can i start an essay writing terms of the Treaty of Sevres, which said that Turkey would lose most of its empire. This would mean that Greece would take Smyrna. Turkey did not want this and thus d.

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