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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 8:11:25 AM

Participation in high school sports teaches valuable lessons essays I have participated in homework help online zelda zebra different sports in my last six years of school. When I entered the 9th grade, things began to change. They weren’t the same “go out and have fun” sports; they became “go out and win.” This was new to me, but I feel that it has taught me many valuable lessons. I have learned to be more patient, listen more intently to what people have to say, and to also go out and ‘give it my all’ at whatever I was doing. Being involved in high school sports for four years has helped me grow as an adult and elevating my attitude not only towards life, but toward other people as well. When playing a high school sport, you are taught to go out and win but to have fun at the same time. My freshman year I was on the J.V basketball team and the season had just started. I was out on the floor and once the game started, I was rushing the professional writing school paper reflection and rushing my game. Being inexperienced at this level, we were losing the ball game. Since we were losing, we were not having fun. I was told by coaches and by myself that I needed to slow down and put the ball where it belonged. As soon cheap write my essay business capstone I got that into my head, we began creeping writing my research paper problems with the mexican health system into the game and we were on top by the fourth quarter. We were winning, having fun, and enjoying all the glory. Ever since then I have remembered that game and made myself slow down if I am hurrying things. I believe that this factor will carry on through life and make me a better individual. I have always had a modest problem with listening to what other people had to say. I thought that I was right and no one else could tell me anything different. Track was a different story. I started out running high and low hurdles. I was the fastest on the team but my form and steps were all off. After the first few meets of the season when I came in just out of reach of a shiny medal, I quickly realized that I needed to listen to what the coaches had to say if I wanted to win the prize. As soon as I.

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