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Saturday, October 14, 2017 2:09:34 AM

Oliver cromwell essays London- Today in 1654, Oliver Cromwell proclaimed himself as Lord Protector of England. This came after he dissolved the Parliament, because of their inability to make decisions, a few months earlier. What this means to English citizens is that they will what is marriage essay by evan wolfson be ruled by a dictator with a puritan background and the loyalty of the army. People should expect to live under Puritan code. Popular persuasive essay ghostwriters for hire uk puritan help me do my essay how physical appearance affects dating the following common activities will be banned horses races, gambling, public dancing, wearing of fancy clothes, swearing, dueling, and walking on the Sabbath. Cromwell will be relying on army officers to enforce these laws. The only good thing coming out of puritan rule is the idea that everyone is equal, which is treasured by the commoners and despised by some aristocrats. This morning I interviewed local townspeople on this huge political change. An old puritan woman said, “This is a great day for England, England will now be purified with puritan thought.” A renaissance artist screamed out in rage, “This is outrageous they can not outlaw me from doing what I love”, another of the puritan beliefs is that it was sinful to take part in worldly pleasures, like art and music. I’m sorry to report that this will be my final article for the London Times because they have also outlawed newspapers, so farewell. .

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