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Friday, October 13, 2017 4:37:24 AM

It's a wonderful life essays Although cheap write my essay fedex overview recent movie ?°Family man?± and old movie ?°It??s a wonderful life?± have similarities, there are many defferences between the two movies. The most important difference are the character. While Jeorge Bailey from ?°It??s a wonderful life?± struggles with his antagonist Mr.Potter, Jack Cambell from ?°Family man?± is antagonist by himself. In this essay, I will write about three different main character who are lead character, wife and angel. One different character is angel. Angel who is in cheap write my essay contemporary development in business management ?°Family man?± usually used slang when he spoke and also he had a gun. He was not typical angel as we have imagined. He was not good quality but he has faculty. However angel who is in ?°It??s a wonderful life?± was a good quality angel as we have known. He never drunk alcohol and his appearance is just like grandfather. Another different character is wife. Mary from ?°It??s a wonderful life?± has no job because she concerntrated cheap write my essay contemporary development in business management take care of her family. But in dream, she worked in a library. It means that it is natural thing that she sacrificed her career to family life in old society. But cate from ?°family man?± has her job whether she lived in real life or dream. she worked at need help do my essay organizational behavior at kudler fine foods field even if she didn??t professional persuasive essay writer service for phd a money and she also should do a house working at the same time. So Jack always helped her. Final important diffrence is main character. In ?°It??s a wonderful life?±, Jeorge has responsibirity for his family or neibor and it never changed whether he go through dream or not. Mr. Potter is an antagonist who was described bad man but he played an important role in the story. He buy essay online cheap case study cadbury from jeorge because he just persued a lot of money. On the contrast, in ?°Family man?±, Jack persued money and power through his bisiness even if he changed his mind after going through dream. And he has both character which is protagonist and antagonist because there is no antagonist.

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