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About transylvanian cuisine essays Transylvania is the land of gastronomic miracles. Only French and Chinese cuisine can be compared with the ancient and original dishes. I know that is surprising because Transylvania is known as Dracula’s land in Hollywoodian adaptations. This wasn’t said by a Transylvanian but by Ronai Egon a gastronome living in England. In the embrace of Carpathians the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Saxons, the Armenians, the Jewish lived together for centuries so, that everybody made the other rich and everybody got richer due to the other. The tastes of Transylvanian cuisine are so varied as the landscape in which it was born where mountain trout streams and the rolling rivers follow each other, cheap write my essay political culture of mexico blond lowland and snow –capped mountains where chamois pass by (live). The spices of Transylvanian people are marvellous in their abundance. Tarragon (tarkony), dill (kapor), caraway (komenymag), lovage (leostyan), thyme (csombord), marjoram, basil (bazsalikom), anise (anizs), juniper (boroka) and the sweet smelling rosemary aren’t only the ornaments of the kitchen gardens and cheap write my essay impact of social media on college sports beds but they are used as condiments for dishesbuy essay online cheap parallel universe and brandy. What’s more they are medical plants as well. Some characteristics of Transylvanian cuisine compared to the cuisine need help do my essay theodore herzl Hungary: more traditional and frequent use of the local spices. More frequent presence of fruit soups and sauces. Close relation to the style of the Russian, the Rumanian, the Balkanian and the Ukrainian dishes that are striking with the more bolding use of vegetables. The catering industry and the methods of global feeding have had less influence. On a word its family atmosphere is more emphasised. This means that if you visit Transylvania and for example enter a restaurant in Csikszereda and you ask for the menu unfortunately you won’t find the dishes I’m talking about. These can only be found in plain cooking ( hazikoszt ). The owners of the rest.

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