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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 12:06:57 PM

A comment on mark twain essays e  A Comment on “Mark Twain A Spiritual Tragedy” Current Literature Nov. 1912 The first line of this article states that “That supreme longing of the soul of a man–the wish to be understood–made one great tragedy of the career of Samuel L. Clemens.” The article goes on to say the he would write to need help do my essay jeffersonian-republicans men about the deeper meaning of life but that these men could never understand it. If success were measured by how many people understand a piece of writing than all writers who be quite unsuccessful. The success of a writer is measured , in my opinion, by how deeply it has impacted the few people who have understood it. The reason books like those of Mark Twain were successful and weren’t successful is because of the great impact they had one people. Sometimes his book would enrage people so much that they felt they had to ban them. Other time Mark Twain became a kind of bible to its readers. If Mark Cheap write my essay bis 155 final was in fact “haunted by a sense of great failure” like the article states I do not known why. Mark Twain is one of the most known writers of all times. I think he was the kind of man who knew that any press was good press. I’m sure that there are people out their who understood Twain’s message and it is for those few that he was success. The article also mentions that “anyone who has ever met him knew it [that he was troubled]”. But perhaps the only reason Twain was ever troubled was because of articles Best college essay prompts Twain has no ground on which to be troubled by his literary career. Perhaps again he was troubled because of personal comfits in which case the article should not have been published in a literary magazine. It’s depressing to hear about oneself in such an awkward way as this. When one is put on paper and sees that this only amounts to 500 words, especiall.

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