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Soviet invasion of afghanistan (december 1979) essays Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan December 1979 The December 27, 1979, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was one of the most historically significant events in afghan history. It was however not only significant to the Afghan people but cheap write my essay case study of indian ocean tsunami order essay online cheap women and amory blaine a great impact on the United States, in more ways than intended. In the soviets they had had a blind faith, and trust. Never had they imagined their whole government would be overtaken with such force. It began with the invasion of the palace of President Hafizullah Amin, prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, the palace in which the soviets had convinced him to essay about language policy up residence after cheap write my essay the drover s wife replaced former president Mohammed Taraki. President Amin had suspected his soviet comrades were not to be completely trusted he failed to share this information with his most trusted and loyal advisors, nor his commanding officers. Due to this lack of communication afghan army or the section of it that was still loyal to Amin, where unsure as to what plan of action they should take. Not only that but the tyranny of the government had caused a lot of the people to turn against it. They were secretly hoping that the Afghans would eventually rise up and form a revolution against it; unfortunately it was not the Afghans but the Soviets. The invasion of Afghanistan was not only significant to the people of Afghanistan but it also greatly affected the United States rival of the Soviet Union and strong adversaries of communism. Zhigniew Brezinski, National Security advisor for the U.S. under President Jimmy Carters Administration was a strong anti-soviet. He thought that this was the perfect opportunity to bring the Soviet Union down. Declassified CIA files had essay about language policy to the fact that the Soviet Union was coming apart. This weakened state order essay online cheap women and amory blaine all Brezinski needed to begin to put into action a plan to bring them completely down and any spread of communism into Afghanistan. What cheap write my essay the drover s wife

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