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Decubitis ulcers essays Decubitis Ulcers J. Caldwell P.N.S. 1. Decubitis Ulcers are also known as bed sores.(Marsh 1) They are mostly seen in Geriatrics patients. They occur in people who are put on bed rest, or long periods of wheelchair use. “A traumatic decubitis ulcer is precipitated by continuous pressure on the skin and deep tissue with ischemic necrosis” (Plewig 369). These particular ulcers are mainly found on bony parts of the body. They develop when the cells die because there is a tremendous amount of pressure put on the skin and it is buy essay online cheap value and purpose of literature between a mattress or chair and tiny blood vessels collapse. The parts of the body that are affected by these ulcers are the back of the head, ear, shoulders, elbows, hips, sacrum, knees, ankles, and heels. Decubitis ulcers can be classified into three grades. (1) Area is more reddened, skin is dry. (2) Area is more reddened, epidermal layer of the skin is broken, and blisters form. (3) Deeper layers of the skin are affected, blisters are broken open, and bone may be visible. (Hegner, Caldwell 421) 2. Before treating decubitis ulcers, viewing of the nurse or caregivers feelings about the care is important. Heshe should determine whether or not they agree with the patients wishes and is capable of completing that care. “When making these order essay online cheap pizza hut case, consider the stage of the ulcer and the treatment needed, the benefits and the burdens of the treatment, and the anticipated treatment outcome” (Darkovich 47). After these views are looked at, there are many treatments available. If the area is reddened, all that is needed is a gentle massage. If the skin is open, bacteriostatic agents, antiseptic sprays, and antibiotic ointments are used to reduce or prevent bacteria. The surgical process called grafting is practiced to treat these ulcers. This is when a patch of custom essay station creative solutions accounting manual is removed from one part of the body, and is placed onto the infected area. Sheepskin pads, alternating air pres.

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