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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 5:59:49 PM

The cloak essays There are many ideas about deception and infidelity in “The Cloak” by Isak Dinesen that show the true nature of humans. The love for a woman makes a man to do strange things, even sell out his master and his “father”. In life, our closest friends may turn on us to obtain something that is ours. In this story, Dinesen manages to elucidate aspects of deceit, infidelity and betrayal through clothing, Homelessness essay writing company young artist’s dreams and various aspects of the setting. Dinesen uses Angelo’s cloak as a method to show the aspects of deceit, infidelity and betrayal. Angelo was wearing his “large and fine cloak of violet goat’s wool with brown embroidery” (DINESEN 248) when he secretly met his master’s wife, Lucrezia. Master Leonidas tells Angelo that the cloak he was wearing is that of a “bridegroom on his wedding day” (DINESEN 252), but in this case it does not symbolize the beginning of a marriage, but the fall of Leonidas’ marriage, to which he is oblivious at this point in time. Angelo uses the cloak to shield himself from reality and pursue his love and fantasy – Lucrezia. The author portrays the theme of infidelity and betrayal through Angelo’s dreams while imprisoned. In the small prison cell, Angelo falls asleep and his guilty conscience plays a few tricks on him. The series of dreams that he has shows the young man’s struggle. He wakes up and ponders about his last dream and concludes that he does not need “to use Vibranture - Best MBA Essay Writing ? knife (to kill the master and his young wife). I can strangle them with my hands” (DINESEN 254). This shows that Angelo’s soul is restless and he Homelessness essay writing company a way to rid himself of the guilt. That statement also shows that Angelo is afraid and jealous at the same time of his master, yet buy essay online cheap the hepatitis b virus and vaccination loves him. His dreams are related to the Greek story of the boy who killed his father to be with his mother that symbolizes the boy’s greed for power. Another method used by t.

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