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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 11:04:11 AM

New dorms essays The appearance of a school’s dorms is important for potential students in deciding if they will attend the school or not. The older dorms on the campus of North Carolina Wesleyan College are not in good shape and barely meet comfortable living standards. The rooms are entirely too small for in most cases two people to live in. The rooms are hot in the spring and cold in the cheap write my essay eskimo pie case. Many residents don’t even have working air conditioning or heat. Urgent essay | The Animal League furniture is extremely old and most of it is falling apart. Something that many other institutions have that could help improve the dorm room situation at this school is having showers as well as toilets for individual use by the residents of the rooms. There are two paths to take in this issue, to either build new dorms or to replace the existing ones. It would benefit the school tremendously by constructing new dorms because if the living arrangements at the school were improved it could start to rub off on people that the school is making strides to get better. The way to go about this would be to generate interest amongst the students and student life. Meetings would have to take place with high-ranking officials of the school to need help do my essay women in islam what people have to say about it. Once everything is agreed upon, a method of payment would have to be devised as well as a place for these new dorms to be constructed with all of the improvements such as the addition of a shower and toilet, reliable air conditioning and heating, and better quality of furniture. Finally the construction would take place and the dorm problem would be fixed. The time it would take for the school to a problem that college students have with learning custom essay services want to build new dorms and get everything ready for construction is unknown but, if and when construction begins it could take anywhere from three to twelve months. A big project like building new dorms for a college campus would affect a lot of people. For one the students who live on campu.

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